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Jeffrey Albaugh is a board-certified Advanced Practice Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist, Researcher, and Director of Sexual Health at NorthShore University Health System near Chicago, IL. He is also a certified sexuality counselor. In addition to his role at NorthShore, he has led the Sexual Health Clinic at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in Chicago for over a decade serving our Veterans. He previously worked at Northwestern Memorial Hospital for almost 25 years. In addition to his many publications in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in books on sexual dysfunction, Jeff has published the booklet Understanding Erectile Dysfunction: Patient Evaluation & Treatment Options for healthcare professionals. He is an internationally recognized speaker and expert who has spoken throughout the United States as well as Spain, Italy, Scotland, England, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. Dr. Albaugh completed his PhD at the University of Illinois in Chicago with National Institutes of Health funded research examining quality of life after treatment of erectile dysfunction in men following prostatectomy. He has won multiple awards for his outstanding patient care. He has been quoted in the media and publications in the treatment of sexual dysfunction in the New York Times, Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, WGN News, CBS 2 News in Chicago, Chicago Tribune Red Eye, and was featured in the Ask the Expert column of the Chicago Tribune.

Reclaiming Sex & Intimacy After Prostate Cancer

A Guide for Men and Their Partners
2nd Edition

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) was once considered to be entirely psychogenic in its origin and was frequently neglected by healthcare providers. More recently, there has been increased recognition of its many physiological causes, and its impact on the daily life of men and their partners is starting to get the attention it deserves. Intimate relationships in patients with cancer has been greatly improved due to this increased recognition and advancement in therapies.
Dr. Jeff Albaugh is a pioneer in the field of sexual medicine whom I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with for over 15 years. Dr. Albaugh emphasizes that treating a man with prostate cancer requires an assessment of his sexual history. As a result of Dr. Albaugh’s persistence and dedication, ED is no longer considered a foregone conclusion for patients with prostate cancer. His mission is to secure the quality of life and sexual health for the patient and his significant other after traditional cancer treatments are completed.
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Assessing a man’s sexual health is particularly important in the treatment of prostate cancer. Almost all treatments for prostate cancer can result in some degree of ED. Physicians understandably emphasize the importance of curing the cancer and have historically neglected to recognize the impact of ED and/or sexual dysfunction that occurs after the cancer was treated. Similarly, patients are often so focused on treating their cancer, that they never discuss the sexual repercussions before undergoing treatment. Dr. Albaugh has changed the landscape by teaching doctors and patients that sexual health after prostate cancer is something that should be discussed at the same time as the cancer treatment plan. In the past, it wasn’t uncommon to hear otherwise healthy patients express regret about their cancer therapy due to the sexual dysfunction that continued to plague them long after their body otherwise healed.
Dr. Albaugh has developed a unique model that should be considered the gold standard for all men who are recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. I am fortunate to work alongside Dr. Albaugh so that before any prostate cancer treatment is performed, all patients and their partners undergo a sexual health assessment. During these visits, Jeff assesses sexual health goals and sets forth a plan to preserve sexual dysfunction. Just like the treatment of the cancer needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis based on the nature of the disease and the patient’s history, the same is true for sexual health. Jeff treats each patient situation differently and helps lay the groundwork for a plan of rehabilitation before any treatment begins. This support has dramatically improved the quality of life of patients and their significant others.
All men and their partners should read this book prior to undergoing prostate cancer treatment. This second edition highlights the patient and partner experience of acknowledging that sexual health is a fundamental part of treating the whole patient. It presents real-life interviews that have been conducted over the past 6 years. These voices tell the stories and experiences of men and their partners with prostate cancer. These stories make discussing a traditionally private topic easier. It is through this honesty that we are able to initiate discussions about topics that are truly important to patients and help to improve their quality of life before, during, and after prostate cancer treatments. I am truly honored and proud to work with Jeff on a daily basis. It is through his caring ways that he continues to touch the lives of so many patients. This book will be an invaluable resource for all men with prostate cancer and their partners.
Brian Helfand, MD, PhD
Chief Division of Urology
Ronald L. Chez Family and Richard Melman Family Endowed Chair of Prostate Cancer
John and Carol Walter Center for Urological Health
NorthShore University HealthSystem
Glenview, IL

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